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Sports Funding

PE Curriculum

A wide range of activities are delivered in school which aim to engage and inspire all children. We are also committed to ensure that all children receive at least 2 hours per week of high quality well-planned PE.

Over the year each child will participate in games, athletics, dance and gymnastics lessons. Opportunities are also planned for swimming in Year 5. Our aim is that all children leave our school at the end of Year 6 able to swim at least 25 meters. In addition to this we provide lots of opportunities for the pupils to take part in a range of after school clubs and activities as well as completing the 'Daily Mile'.

Elton Primary PE and School Sport Funding

In order to improve the provision of PE and sport in primary schools, additional funding has been made available. At Elton Primary we believe that sport plays an important part as it contributes to the health and well-being of our children.

2018 - 2019 

Item  Cost
Sports Teaching Sep to Mar £ 7508.96
Sports Teaching Apr to Aug £ 5363.54
COAKS sports membership 18 - 19   £1000.00 
Tag Rugby resources £154 .92 
Orienteering & Outdoor Learning £1500.00
Active Soccer Autumn Term  £135.00

2017 - 2018

Our school has received approximately £17,500 this year which will contribute in enabling us to strengthen and improve our PE and sport provision in the following ways:

Item Cost
Sports Coach £12,000
Active Soccer Autumn £225
COAKS Schools Sports Partnership  17/18 £1,000
Equipment £4,275

The school was successful in achieving the 'Gold Schools Games' mark at the beginning of the academic year.

Elton Primary Sports for 2016-17

This year we have been allocated funding from the government of £8760 for our sports provision and we plan to to use it in the following areas:



Total Gymnastics (2 x 1 hour sessions)

PDS Dance (2 x 1 hour sessions)

Total yearly projection - £2730 approx

Total yearly projection - £1950 approx

Cheshire Oaks School Sports Partnership £850

Some equipment will need replacing:  


EG - netballs, footballs, basketball, tennis balls

Coaches for sporting competitions

Coaches: £500

TAG Rugby, Quicksticks ,Multiskills ,Netball, Basketball


Elton Primary Sports for 2016-17

Last year we worked hard to raise the profile of PE and healthy lifestyle within our school. Through increased participation during sports, and fantastic sportsmanship, Elton achieved the Silver School Games award. 

We are delighted to have joined Cheshire Oaks School Sports Partnership this year. The cluster will support PE with inter school competitions, continuous professional development (CPD) for staff, sports leadership programmes for pupils and special events. We are looking forward to promoting a variety of sport and engaging pupils in new experiences.

Not only do we want to improve the profile of PE but also of the school, Elton have hosted many CPD events and in recognition of this received a free bag of sporting equipment.

As a result of last year pupil/staff voice questionnaires, it was evident that dance and gymnastics were two areas of the curriculum that needed more recognition. Following on from that we have employed Beth Tweedle’s Coaching Company (Total Gymnastics) and PDS Dance Company to work closely alongside our staff and pupils to deliver an excellent standard of knowledge and skill. Each year group throughout this academic will benefit from our coaching companies and their high level of teaching and skills. 

Also this year, we will continue to compete in local school netball and football leagues, giving enthusiastic pupils the opportunity to travel to new schools to ‘show off’ sporting skills.

Pupil and staff voice will follow after half term. 

Active, Achieve, Enjoy

Every state-funded school in the country with primary-aged pupils will receive additional funding ring-fenced for sport and physical education (PE) in academic year 2016/17. Our school of 206 pupils will receive £8,760.  

The funding is ring-fenced, and must be spent on sport and PE. In our school this money was split into the following areas (figures accurate as of 19.10.16)

Physical Education 

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Competitive Sports


Total Gymnastics (2 x 1 hour sessions) - £2730

PDS Dance (2 x 1 hour sessions) - £1950


Active Soccer - £450 Cheshire Oaks School Sports Partnership£850 Children are showing more interest and enthusiasm, they have learnt skills from sport specialists. Children have had the opportunity to be coached for specific sports ready to compete in various competitions.


    Staff have been up skilled in weaker areas of PE and have now implemented ideas and skills into PE sessions giving the children more opportunities to impove at a quicker rate.
      Pupils will have the opportunity to learn skills in weaker subject areas such a gymnastics and dance. 


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