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School Curriculum

At Elton, we aim to ensure that our curriculum is finely tuned to the learners’ needs, interests and aspirations and enriched by recreational and other activities. Our pupils have many opportunities to contribute to the community and to learn about their roles and responsibilities as citizens.

In September 2014 the government launched a new National Curriculum. In the lead up to this, staff worked alongside Curriculum Consultant Chris Trevor, to devise a rich and exciting cross curricular map which weaves the knowledge and skills required into a theme for each term. As well as during the Literacy lesson, English skills are a focus throughout the wider curriculum and opportunities for cross curricular writing are made explicit. Staff plan termly enrichment opportunities such as visitors, workshops, trips and residentials to consolidate skills and broacden pupils experiences.

We monitor the success of the curriculum in many ways. Parents are invited to attend Stay and Play sessions where they can take part in a lesson and help their child learn. We hold pupil voice sessions and Parent Panels where we ask pupils/parents what they enjoy and what we could improve and we send out an annual Parent and Pupil questionnaire. As a consequence of this feedback we modify the curriculum where appropriate to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our families.

This terms pupil questionaire have been received and following quotes have been made by the children: 

"I love to go to the zoo in the summer!"

"Have more maths lessons!" 

"More homework" 

"I like voting on things like the School Council!" 

"I like the responsibility of roles like Eco Warrior & School Council" 

"I like having the choice of different activities to do!"