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 BEESTON            DEE            MANLEY           DELAMERE


All children in school are placed into one of 4 teams. The names of these teams and the mascot that represents them, have been chosen by the children to demonstrate the core values that we hold.

The team gains ‘TEAM POINTS’, earned by individuals, for demonstrating good manners, good learning strategies, supporting others, working towards common goals for the school community, volunteering time to help etc. The winning team, shared each Monday morning in assembly, comes to school in ‘home clothes’ on the Friday of that week as a reward. (This scheme runs concurrently with MERITS- these are awarded individually to children for academic success – the outcome of gaining individual merits is a certificate which is posted home).

Teams work together during sports day and other organised events during the year and this allows older children to support and interact with younger children and model good behaviour.

Our teams are Beeston, Dee, Manley and Delamere. Each team is represented by it's own mascot and team colour. The idea of the mascot's is that the animal represents the values of the team.

Beeston's mascot is an Eagle and it's team colour is yellow

Dee's mascot is a Swan and it's team colour is blue.

Manley's mascot is a Kingfisher and it's team colour is green.

Delamere's mascot is a Fox and it's team colour is red.