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Year 1 2017 - 2018

Miss Stilgoe

Mrs Robinson


Welcome back after the Christmas break; we hope that you have had a lovely time with your all of your family. This year your teachers will be Miss Stilgoe and your HLTA is Mrs Robinson.


PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday. All children will need to bring back in their labelled kit, which should stay in school at all times. We will send home the children’s kit each half term to get washed. If your child is unable to take part in PE for medical reasons please let us know so we can plan an alternative PE activity for them.

Homework, Spellings and Reading

Homework will be sent home on Fridays. Each week we will send home a Learning Log task and a piece of Numeracy. Homework is due back by the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be sent home every Friday and will be in a separate Spelling/Phonics Book. Please practice with your child over the weekend. We will test spellings every Friday.

Please read with your child as often as possible. We will change your child’s reading book and read with them in ‘Guided Reading’. Please keep the reading book and yellow reading diary in their book bag and send it in every day. Mrs Dadd will change reading books on Tuesdays and Thursday.

We are looking forward to teaching Y1 this term and have lots of exciting work planned for them!

To Infinity and beyond is a cross curricula topic which focuses on ‘explorers’ and what they discovered. We will be finding out about the life and discoveries of Christopher Columbus and will be investigating the features owhich make an area a good place to live.

In English we will be reading the book ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram which features Bob a space man, who has a very important job. We will be looking closely at this text, sequencing and retelling the story. We will even have a go at innovating and creating our own stories based on this tale. The skills we will be teaching are planning, writing, drafting, editing and reading aloud our work. We will focus on grammar including conjunctions and expanded noun phrases, present and past progressive verbs and we will learn about different forms (statement, question, command, exclamation).

In Maths we will be continuing to learn to add and subtract numbers using concrete objects and pictorial representations. We will learn how to recognise and use symbols for £ and p and combine different amounts to make particular values. The children will solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction of money, including giving change and they will use place value and number facts to solve problems. We will introduce simple multiplication and division using pictures and arrays and will practise repeated addition and subtraction number facts.

Our Science topic is Habitats. The children will identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited. They will describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants.

In Geography We will trace the route that Christopher Columbus took. The children will learn how to use a compass and directional language to describe the location of features  and routes on a map. The children will also learn the names of the continents and oceans.

In P.E we will be doing dance unit around the text ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’. They will learn how to repeat simple skills, and actions with increasing control and coordination and perform their own sequence. In Games children will refine skills in sending and receiving a ball.

In R.E we will be learning about our human responsibility for the world. We will consider how we can care for others and how can we follow the example of people who live a life of service. During our school trip to Ince Church we will also look at the features and symbols which we find there, and will talk about there significance.






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