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Reception 2017 - 2018

Mrs McCarroll

Mrs Lindsay

Mrs Adshead

Miss Lofthouse

Mrs Hodgson

Wow, we can’t believe how quickly the first term went- it seems like only yesterday the children started school for the first time! They have all become so confident and independent and all seem genuinely excited to learn.

The whole reception team are very excited about the new term. The topic is ‘Superheroes’ and we will be reading stories such as-

  • Supertato
  • Ten little Superheroes
  • Super Duck
  • And many more…

These stories provide starting points for a wealth of exciting learning opportunities and we aim to make these activities as practical as possible- decorating Supertatoes, making masks and role playing, constructing secret lairs out of boxes etc.

If you ever have any questions about what we do here at school please feel free to ask, as we believe that when home and school work closely great things can be achieved.  

The reception team x



Ways to help at home-


Read as much as you can- from stories, to magazines, to menus in restaurants! Encourage the children to read to you at night and get them to use the pictures as prompts. Ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions to extend their thinking. Ask them what letters they recognise and encourage them to ‘Fred talk’.  Don’t forget to sign and write a short comment in their reading diary so that we know they have read.

Talk as much as you can! Question why things happen and how things work. Have discussions about all things big and small- from ‘what do you fancy for tea?’ to ‘why do you think fish can’t live on land?’ Share feelings, thoughts and opinions.

Provide lots of opportunities to work on number. Count often and in informal contexts i.e. count as you walk up the stairs or counting fruit in the bowl etc. Pose practical problems i.e. how many plates will we need out for dinner? Can you please share those sweets out equally between you brother? Etc.

Encourage independence when possible. I have two young children and often find myself doing things I know they are capable of! I know our time is sometimes limited but please encourage your children to be as independent as possible i.e. getting dressed in the morning, putting their shoes on, helping to do jobs around the house or helping to make dinner.

Please don’t forget to send a water bottle in with your child. These can be topped up throughout the week, as we place a great deal of importance on children having continual access to drinking water.


Uniform: We expect all children to wear school uniform. Please ensure all items of uniform are labelled including coats, shoes and PE Pumps, book bags etc.

PE: - Drawstring pump bag/labelled, pull on/Velcro black pumps, navy or black shorts, white T-shirt.PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday. P.E. kit can be taken home to be washed half termly. Please bring in a water bottle that your child can identify which can be filled with fresh water every day.

Homework will be sent home on Fridays and is due in by Wednesday. There will be a phonics task that is linked to our RWI phonics lessons and a learning log task linked to our focus of that week.

Please read with your child as often as possible, every day if you can. Please write a comment in the yellow diary eg. Did they enjoy it? How well are they blending? Could they retell the story? Could they discuss the character’s behaviour? The more practice your child gets, the quicker your child will become fluent. We will change your child’s reading book once a week and we will read with them at least once a week. Please keep the reading book and yellow reading diary in their book bag and send it in every day.

Late arrivals: Children who arrive after 9:00am are considered late for school. All late arrivals should use the main entrance and will be requested to sign the late book. Parents of children who are frequently late will be requested to meet with the Headteacher to discuss the problem. The number of late arrivals will be monitored and entered on the child’s school report at the end of the academic year.

Absence: Parents are asked to phone the school office if their child is absent and the reason for the absence. If parents do not let the school know the reason for the absence on the first day then the secretary will phone to ensure there are no problems.

Medicines: Requests for medicine to be administered in school must be made to the school office. This relates ONLY to prescribed medicines. They should be handed in to the school office with clear written instructions on their administration to the child. Antibiotics will be stored in the fridge until the end of the day. The fact that the medicine has been administered will be recorded in the medicine log book.Asthma Inhalers are kept in the classroom where the children can obtain them easily.

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